CCHN, founded by Yeaman & Associates,
announces national medical image sharing network

About Us

CCHN collaborates with Nuance and its PowerShare Technology to pioneer a truly national image sharing medical information network: A system of systems offering safe, fast, and secure exchange of data across disparate providers.

Using Powershare to pioneer radiology image sharing as a core element of network services —¬†CCHN and Nuance are able to deliver cost-effective vital medical records answering calls for complianace and interoperability — giving hospitals and health care providers access to a secure data exchange and national image sharing network.

Read the Press Release announcing CCHN's launch.


Digital Medical Records When & Where you Need Them

With CCHN, … medical images and records are streamlined. Our approach is distinguished from traditional HIEs, as CCHN avoids bloated governance and organizational issues, by deploying a cost-effective system that health providers implement within existing profit-centers to enhance patient care and patient experience.