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The Yeaman and Associates (YA) Team are no strangers to the ever-present need for effective data sharing in the world of healthcare. They have operated or revitalized many organizations that aim to solve this issue across the Nation, including at one point Oklahoma’s Largest Health Information Exchange. Each endeavor focused on fostering Healthier communities through the building of strong provider networks. As many Heath Information Exchange organizations buckle and fall into network-crippling instability, the Yeaman and Associates Team continues to recognize the need for effective data sharing not just locally, but nationally.

Coordinated Care Health Network (CCHN) was created as a unique service network focused on empowering health care providers to improve care and outcomes via secure, HIPAA compliant, data access and exchange. Built on a cloud-based image sharing network, CCHN claims no third-party rights to client data. Instead, like a cellular network, CCHN allows clients to subscribe to modular services in a way that scales to work within the health care organizations’ needs with respect to their referral region; bringing more value while reducing costs for members, and solidifying the role of image and clinical data exchange as value driven services.

CCHN Logo - Coordinated Care Health Network, by FIVE65 DesignCCHN’s brandmark reflects a marriage of healthcare and technology, and the future of Health Information Technology.

Our CCHN blue — like that of the sky — represents the stability of the network, and the security of our cloud-based model.

CCHN green symbolizes life, renewal, and growth of not only our organization, but that of healthcare interoperability overall.

CCHN’s “spinner” style logo brings together the cross associated with healthcare and rotating vectors to represent the technology working in sync with healthcare, and the movement of data. The spinner seems to sweep up through the lettering to further symbolize the movement of data nationwide and the continual growth of Coordinated Care Health Network.


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