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An excerpt from a recent post on Healthcare IT News … this article summarizes a talk given at the Precision Medicine Summit.

You can read the full post on Healthcare IT News


“Healthcare has to overcome several obstacles, in fact, to harness genomic advancement in a big way. While providers can send basic clinical summaries around, those are relatively simple data points like problem lists, meds, allergies and lab results rather than the genomic data that holds promise for personalized care.

“What we need are systems that allow physicians quick and accurate knowledge of genetic conditions,” Walton added. “The informatics is crucial. This information can’t just come from what’s in the literature.”

Halamka said that interoperability has to make some evolutionary leaps if healthcare is going to capitalize on the ideals of precision medicine research.The good news? He’s starting to see upstarts and innovators enable more than just provider-to-provider exchange.”

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