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Coordinated Care Health Network Leverages Nuance PowerShare to Enable Secure Data Exchange and Image Sharing Nationwide

CCHN, a healthcare network founded by Yeaman and Associates, LLC, and Brian A. Yeaman, M.D. announces the launch of its nationwide secure data exchange network with image sharing, built on the Nuance PowerShare Network.

Dr. Yeaman and his team have more than 12 years’ experience providing interoperability innovation, support operations, and services. Yeaman and Associates has launched, managed, or restored viability at six health information exchanges. In each case, improving connectivity at numerous healthcare organizations across the country. Yeaman and Associates has managed and facilitated clinical data exchange responsible for providing secure and portable records for more than 10 million patients nationwide.

“We’ve been a part of exchanging data between disparate providers from the beginning of the more modern networks. We’ve never sat still, we’ve constantly innovated and pressed the edge and use cases and clinical workflows. We’ve always kept the patient and provider at the center of our efforts to ensure their experience is enhanced by our services and easy to integrate,” said Dr. Brian Yeaman.

CCHN is proud to collaborate with Nuance. Using PowerShare to pioneer radiology image sharing as a core element of network services. Healthcare providers can securely share and access valuable radiology images across acute, specialty, and clinical settings through Nuance PowerShare with CCHN.


Read the full press release announcing CCHN’s launch.


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